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    X.E.S industry (jiangsu) co., ltd is a foreign investment by the state administration for industry and commerce and the ministry of commerce of China office approved the establishment of a sino-foreign joint venture, is specialized in manufacturing large-scale high-end air compressors, luxurious yacht, mining equipment, such as research and development production base.

    X.E.S industry (jiangsu) co., ltd is specializing in the production of air compressor is a joint venture enterprise, registered capital of $20 million. The company is located in xuzhou city, jiangsu province venture letter, wins Gao Xinyuan and technological development zone industrial park, the phone is: 0086-21-56550258 consists of China resources group co., LTD., the general machinery co., LTD invested new factory was formally established in jiangsu, name: letter, sheng machinery (jiangsu) co., LTD.X.E.S industry (jiangsu) co., ltd

    Letter, sheng machinery (jiangsu) co., LTD., the main production luxury yachts, large boats, motor boats, screw air compressor, high pressure piston air compressor, low pressure oil free screw air compressor, centrifugal compressor, DTH drilling machine, dryer, filters, storage tanks, etc. Compressor related products.

    Letter, sheng machinery (jiangsu) co., LTD. Is a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, make full use of the Chinese and foreign talents, technology and other resources. X.E.S industry (jiangsu) co., ltd., the production of the yacht and air compressor will strive to dominate the world machinery heavy industry. And strive to become the world's brand as soon as possible!

    X.E.S industry (jiangsu) co., ltd, winning is the only can provide the heterogenous full range of large air compressor company, specializing in the production of air compressor, air compressor, screw air compressor, bottle blowing air compressor, oil free air compressor, mobile compressor, the vortex type air compressor, centrifugal compressors, variable frequency...

    X.E.S industry (jiangsu) co., ltd is the ASIA Pacific general machinery co., LTD. (ASIA - PACIFICUNIVERSALMACHINERYSHARELIMITED), hereinafter referred to as the APU ASIA Pacific general machinery co. LTD., is a leading global aviation industry, high-tech and industrial machinery products manufacturing technology group co., LTD. Letter, wins the compressor is one of the world's largest air compressor manufacturer, specialized in design, research, production of air compressor. Since 1985, as a pioneer and leader in the field, letter, wins the company has for the air compressor set design and production of high level, at the same time, the letter, winning air compressor has been recognized around the world for high quality compressed air pollutant removal equipment, its products include: high pressure in the piston type air compressor, mobile, fixed screw air compressor screw air compressor, screw composite piston compressor, no oil screw air compressor, explosion-proof air compressor, centrifugal compressor, DTH drill rig, air dryer, the precision filter, storage tanks, pneumatic tools, etc., are widely used in all walks of life. After ISO9001 certification of production facilities and the most advanced production technology, make the letter, wins the company to become the world's only can provide a full range of compressor unit more production company. Letter however XINRAN world brand, national pride!

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