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    Wenzhou encourage enterprises to apply for foreign patent valve special funds
    Release time:2014/3/28  Browse the number:2630   Source:不详

    Recently offered a foreign patent special funds of 120000 yuan, this is the third time the company to obtain such funding. According to figures from the wenzhou Long Wanou intellectual property office, at present the area for foreign patent 4 special funds of enterprises, the total amount is more than 100 ten thousand yuan.

    According to understand, to support to foreign patent application, protection of independent innovation achievements, in 2009 the central government formulated the "funding to foreign patent special funds management interim measures", has applied for a patent on to foreign companies to issue special funding.

    In April 2012, the ministry of finance to fund application and allocated to local administrator. , zhu Wang Chang Long Wanou intellectual property office, told reporters that "enterprises to foreign patent application, each up to 500000 yuan." In addition, according to zhu Wang Chang, "the special funds is mainly used to fund domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions and research institutions, key support in accordance with the requirements of the national intellectual property strategy oriented. It helps to enhance the independent innovation ability, support local high technology industry and the development of strategic emerging industry technology; help build, obtain the core patent technology patent pool, participate in the international technical standards."

    "Now a lot of high-tech enterprise wants to expand exports by independent innovation, occupy the foreign markets." Long Wanou center of science and technology consultant Yang yong said, "do you want to, if we apply to the foreign patent special funds, because the enterprise to apply for foreign patent special funds have very strict qualifications, once the application is successful, increasing enterprise's popularity of intangible, is more advantageous to enterprise products occupy the foreign markets."

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