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    Special energy-saving frequency converter products have been out of the horizon in the market
    Release time:2014/3/28  Browse the number:2527   Source:不详

    Power transformer is the key to the electricity electrical equipment, transformer loss in power grid loss accounts for 30% ~ 40%, and our country all loss account for more than 3% of the national power transformer itself. Therefore, countries have been focus on energy conservation and consumption reduction for transformer, vigorously promote energy conservation and emissions reduction.

    With the development of the market and the trend of user diversification demand, inverter product integration and systematization is higher and higher on the function, special energy-saving frequency converter products have been out of the horizon in the market. Inverter market in our country, maintained the growth rate of 12% ~ 15% in recent years. The personage inside course of study is expected to, now the Chinese market the inverter installation capacity (power) the growth rate of around 20% actually, potential market space is about 120 billion yuan to 180 billion yuan.

    Last year was the twelfth five-year development planning is critical in the government work report to the industry and the public realm put forward high request, energy saving and emission reduction at the same time, the inverter industry also opportunity for development. In fact, the 12th five-year period, China's environmental protection investment will reach 3.1 trillion yuan, energy conservation and environmental protection industry output value will reach 5.3 trillion yuan, and the high voltage inverter as the mainstay of energy conservation and emissions reduction and pioneer, there is a huge market demand in the future. At present, China is actively promote energy-saving society concept, the national government to speed up the industrial policy, energy conservation direction.

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