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    "No, general military" dead tired - to all managers and entrepreneurs
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    Most of the time, you may feel your employee performance is poor, at this moment, you don't complain about the inability of employees and to review yourself, perhaps is wrong as a leader of your own body. Usually, the managers fault is:

    A, wrong in the wrong person,

    Second, wrong in I don't know how to take people;

    Third, did wrong in establishing standard, standard system and process

    Four, wrong in not good at training employees, didn't give employees authorized to exercise their abilities;

    Five, the wrong in not establish competition mechanism not eliminate people dare to PK, mediocre employees kidnapped him.

    So, might as well through the following some of the cognitive and the known facts and truth, plan adjustment as lead the team in the concept of enterprise.

    "Shi yuzhu: I took four the group called"

    1, the evaluation results of doing things "in the end by the credit not GuLao", to the theory of the hero, acquired a strong team;

    2, system ruthless people love. Call names to call names, not with the other. The boss did wrong will review;

    3, resolute don't paratroopers, promote internal system only cultivate people;

    4, no matter what is the different ideas, I will fully respect the opinions of the men.

    "Managers eight quit"

    1, quit working direction is not clear, distort business owners intentions.

    2, cronyism of trickery.

    3, quit to company resources as personal career bet.

    4, ring thinks no one alternative is made.

    5, neither against the courage, more lack of mind.

    6, to the enterprise lacks sense.

    7, slack continuous learning.

    8, arbitrary behaviour.

    How to extract the 】 【

    1, can and can't properly evaluate yourself to clear.

    2, keep peaceful mood to eliminate external interference.

    3, the use of the Internet in order to get needed help.

    4, make life full of order to keep a clear mind.

    5, do not blindly believe others in order to reduce disappointment and frustration.

    6, admit inevitable to adapt to the environment.

    7, to overcome the fear of emotions to foster undaunted gumption.

    8, keep energy for boundless energy.

    How to improve employees sense of belonging?

    1) given the opportunity to do things the main decision-making, a sense of accomplishment;

    2) to establish a Shared culture, let employees agree with each other;

    3) often held parties, build communication platform of life, to promote harmonious relations;

    4) create a kind of communication atmosphere, improve employees' happiness;

    5) provide good training, let employees grow.

    6) tolerate staff not appropriate principle out of date.

    The twelve skills of professional managers

    Service-oriented businesses have early from extensive to intensive type, from the disorderly competition gradually towards standardization of operation, from the pursuit of short-term effect to the sustainable development of the business, from a seller's market to buyer's market, the use of means of competition becomes more and more showed a trend of diversification, for example in the relationship between application, policy support, marketing planning, media hype, enterprise culture, etc., any negligence may cause behind the passive situation.

    As the growth of the enterprise scale and market competition of complicated, combination of these elements, is not is up to the boss can separate any spell able, therefore, managers should, become a key element of today's enterprises compete for the market. However, what kind of person is professional managers?

    In the past, we have several misconceptions about professional managers decided that, in fact, as the following three kinds of people, they do not belong to the category of professional managers:

    First, a wise old bird, these people in the enterprise for a long enough time, experienced, knowledgeable, but they may be helpful for little changed environment, but once the ever-changing face of the modern market operation, can become the resistance of the reform.

    Second, the leadership - once in some departments have served at the top, powerful, kind, these people in the past because we have good relationships, good grades, or fewer errors, so that they have today, but this does not mean that they are good at the operational enterprise.

    Third, many famous people or business card, the experience of these people resume a bunch, dazzling. If their story, please talk about truth also reluctantly, that is qualified for the specific work, whether it can cooperate with other members in the enterprise effectively, it is hard to tell.

    Not to say that these three kinds of people is not good, but in the face of today's market competition, are not very suitable. Besides, there are some professional managers, though it is but as a result of its own problems, they are not excellent professional managers: take money to handle affairs a lack of loyalty, for example, an opportunity to find new job, only for the personal income, not consider for the enterprise, a little technical nicole Winfield, it not only top management, but also the lack of cooperation consciousness.

    Of the cause of the current situation, is our professional managers should have skills, a lack of adequate knowledge. And recognize these things, both is advantageous to the enterprise better evaluation and excellent talents, at the same time, for professional managers, these also can know their shortcomings, in order to transcend ourselves, more qualified for this important role.

    The first skill: plans

    The first step is to plan management work. First sun tzu's "the beginning meter" tells us that all the fighting began to plan, quality management guru Dr Deming PDCA management cycle, and plan from the beginning. Therefore, as the primary task of managers is the ability to formulate clear and effective work plan.

    The second skill: decisive decisions

    As a professional manager, their duty is to make decisions and lead the implementation. And in this process there are many variables, this requires that they must be able to make decisions swiftly, this is the foundation of success lay the plan. Such as the strategic benefit promotion or stable turnover? Talent from the develop internal or external employment? Determination is not arbitrary, make these decisions, should not only consider the competition variables, also should think of the limitation of factors such as time and resources, because they will affect the effect of the final decision.

    Decision-making skills include assumptions, reasoning, and the collection of information, analysis and induction ability, logic judgment, Wilson of desperate race game theory, and face the pressure of the psychological quality, how to avoid mental models and error of system thinking and so on, all these need careful ponder.

    The third skills: to solve the problem

    No business there is no problem, as the poor quality of poor product quality, service, shortage of manpower, morale is not high, financial embarrassment, decline in market share, etc., these problems will always be first-class catering business problems, who can solve these problems properly, whose businesses can go further. Need the skills to solve these problems is to define problems, collect data, analyse the situation, identifying root causes, and finally use creative solutions are put forward.

    So, a good restaurant managers must have the knowledge, and all kinds of processing techniques, to assist enterprises in the competition out of my way. In the past, these skills are supposed to be born, but today's training tools has been progress, have been able to put these skills into content can be copied, so would become a professional manager, should develop these skills as soon as possible.

    Item 4 skills: set standards

    No rules can't ChengFangYuan, the degree of standardization for catering enterprises is still very low, formulate feasible system standard is particularly important. Catering enterprises in the things, can be divided into two categories, one is cyclical, regular, routine, such as food quality management, new product development, cost management, etc., another is particularity and non-routing, such as guest complaints, accidents, etc.

    Professional managers must first put before a mission, standardization as soon as possible, so that in the normal operation of the business after the focus on the particularity of the task. Many enterprises failed to routine tasks of standardization, standardization, and changes in daily operation takes up a lot of energy management, which can make subordinate disoriented, size matters should be reported up, affect work efficiency.

    Item 5 skills: results of controls

    Produce effective results in the business operation, not only requires the right decisions, also need a certain ability to execute. In this process, how to effectively control the quality, cost, efficiency and service level, will depend on the catering skill of professional managers. Too many constraints, employees to be in the way everywhere, morale; Constraint is insufficient, will be prone to bugs, improve the operation cost. Test control ability mainly has several aspects: shouldn't distinguish between the pipe and tube, will later disposal in advance to advance management and make management (such as product quality problems may come from suppliers, be included in the prior management), to manage and promote each department by external control evolved into the self management.

    Item 6 skills: performance appraisal

    Every employee expect their efforts can be positive and rewards, and enterprise morale at the same time also is affected by the appraisal is fair or not, to make short-term employees to achieve good performance, using threats with inducements can do it, but if you want to establish a continuous performance, will need to have a fair and reasonable evaluation methods and incentive mechanism. Performance appraisal skills include from a strategic height to find out the key performance indicators (KPI), transform performance indicators for employee behavior standard, performance standards and evaluation results of the interview communication skills, performance review and guide the correction ability, as well as different types of personality employees incentive strategy.

    For example, McDonald's will the successful experience of the past into a standardized operating procedures, and accordingly make a inspection standard and control method, combined with effective training and corporate culture to cooperate, make McDonald's to the world, become the first-class catering enterprises.

    (7) skills: team building

    A group is a team must have three things: one is the target to focus, 2 it is harmonious and mutual assistance between members, three is consistent work method, and with proper elasticity. Team building skills are: to establish a common vision and goals of ability, ability to reconcile differences and application of members, and integration of the learner's ability to develop common specifications, learning from experience lead team to find the direction of the positive ability, ability to promote a healthy conflict and so on.

    8 skills: leadership

    Under the enterprise's lack of resources is the leadership of the management talent, is the ability to constantly transcend self, who, the tail from wagging the dog, to convince workers and can produce positive results. Lin2 zi3 da4 what bird all have, how to make enterprises in all kinds of people work together effectively, how to encourage employees to obey from surface to the others, how to make the low morale of people rally, how to make successful people from having a full and stagnant, how to make the weak courage, how to make a careless person from disaster, how to make the interests of different people support each other, it all depends on the food and beverage managers leadership skills. Leadership skills are mainly the characteristics and present situation of distinguish deployment, select the appropriate leadership style, emotional cognition, control and adjustment, motivation, build consensus, firm faith and determination.

    Skill 9: cultivate subordinates

    The Chinese have not habit since ancient times, especially Chinese food, they also preaching disciples, hungry master. In the past, mainly because of the economic subject in his personal productivity, and obtain and exchange of information is very slow, so who can have a secret recipe or wu3 lin2’s secret, absolutely want to have a hidden, to show the uniqueness and diversity. But now the situation is different from before, cannot rely on a person's unique skills chuang world, enterprise to succeed, then need to recruitment of talented people.

    But talent is not born, taught in the school of knowledge is limited, and each enterprise existence difference is big, so can effectively cultivate backbone employees has become the important key ability. Evaluation the ability of managers, not just look at his work, to improve staff work ability, and watch the responsibility in work. Cultivate the ability to subordinates include evaluation training needs, establish training goal, writing training materials, all kinds of teaching methods, application, teaching tools, and evaluation of training results, etc.

    The first ten skills: chair the meeting

    Meeting each other is the enterprise internal communication information, exchange views, and form a decision of important activities. Identify the type of meeting, to be prepared for the meeting in advance, selected topics, confirm the staff involved in the meeting, completes the venue layout, seating arrangements, and how to make the meeting record, how to handle the dispute, how to guide speaking, how to conclude the meeting conclusion, and follow up after the meeting, matters not coordinate, etc., these are all food and beverage managers should master the skills.

    Eleven skills: communication

    In simple terms, the main task of the manager is constantly communication, therefore, clear, precise and effective communication power of expression, is the quality of professional manager must each catering. Presentation skills, mainly depends on the purpose of understanding to accept less objects, with clear logic, fitting for rhetoric, and cooperate with the tone of voice, the collocation of body language, facial expressions, such as effective transfer intentions.

    The twelfth skill: personal management

    As a service industry operators, more should be willing to start from oneself, continuously surpass ourselves, surpass ourselves, lead by example, become a subordinate's example. Personal management first, starting from the time management of each person only 24 hours every day, this is the most fair thing, so the success or failure in life, good or bad performance, enterprise is decided by each manager for the effective use of time. When you do it, can't engaged in other things, so how to effectively use time, is a management priority.

    The second is lifelong learning, especially the systematic study. Another important personal management task is to keep healthy. The last item need personal management is EQ, the so-called emotional quotient, how to keep happy mood, how to maintain high morale, how to motivate yourself, and is not affected by the interference of external environment and etc. Professional manager can do a good job in personnel management, to ensure that in daily work, no matter what kind of situation, can maintain the best condition.

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