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    The future energy saving mechanical and electrical equipment market scale will reach 50 billion
    Release time:2014/3/28  Browse the number:2809   Source:不详

    Experts said that as the positive of the implementation of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction and subsidy policy of gradually implement high efficiency and energy saving motor, high efficiency and energy saving motor industry will usher in explosive growth. In the next few years, energy-saving electrical equipment accounted for the proportion of new domestic small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment will reach more than 60%, energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment market scale will reach 50 billion yuan.

    Ministry issued the energy-intensive behind electromechanical equipment (products) eliminated directory (the third batch). 337 two categories in this directory item of equipment (products), including 300 motor, fan 37 items.

    Industry is accelerating in the energy-consuming equipment selection

    Ministry sources said the energy intensive backward eliminated the directory and distribute electrical equipment (products), is to further strengthen the enterprise and the energy-using units energy conservation management, the important measures to improve the efficiency of energy utilization, is the way, the structure, promote technological progress, the important way to optimize the industrial structure, will certainly to make outstanding contributions to achieve energy saving target.

    In accordance with the requirements, the production and use of units should promptly implement the obsolete equipment (products) listed in the catalogue work, production units shall immediately stop the production, use the unit should stop using within a prescribed period of time and change of high efficiency and energy saving equipment (products). The supervision agencies at all levels should strengthen this equipment (products) listed in the directory out of supervision and inspection.

    Learned that in continue to push forward the energy-consuming equipment selection transformation at the same time, the national level also actively promote finance for motor, water pump, behind transformer phase out subsidies to support, promote the internal combustion engine and energy saving technology application and technical innovation.

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