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    The installation of mobile air compressor conditions?
    Release time:2015/2/3  Browse the number:2428   Source:Mobile air compressor

    A:Mobile air compressor nstalled base

      1, the vibration produced by air compressor is very small, so don't need to do.But the placement of the ground should be flat.And underground should be hard soil, the ground should be based on concrete ground flat, in order to avoid the uneven ground vibration

      2, for connecting pipes and convenient maintenance, air compressor should be placed in about 200 mm in height from the ground level of concrete platform, and have the grooves between the platform and drive around, so that the unit stop, gas, or maintenance, oil and water can run out from the groove.Groove size can be customised by users.

      2: the installation of the appropriate place is the prerequisite of the correct use of air compressor unit

      1, the installation site within the air compressor unit should be single row layout, clear distance between air compressor unit must be 1.Level 5 meters distance, air compressor and the clear distance between the wall must be more than 0.8 m distance.Each air compressor gas mouth to install 1 purging only * * * * in order to remove dust.

      2, the installation place should be close to the gas area, installation site should be broad, daylighting is good, so that the operation and maintenance.

      3, the installation place within the environment temperature should be above 0 ℃ in winter, summer should be below 45 ℃.Because the higher the temperature, the less air compressor air quantity.When necessary, the installation site should be set ventilation, or cooling device.

      4, air in the installation site should be clean, less dust, relatively low temperature appropriate, natural ventilation, avoid close to sending out the place of dust, if the working environment is bad, should be mounted to the front air filtration devices to maintain the normal operation of air compressor and parts service life.

      Three, cooling water

      Water-cooled series need to cycle cooling water cooling unit.Cooling water, should be treated soft water.

      1, to determine the direction of the water.Shall conform to the flowmeter shell direction arrow, otherwise, the controller will fail.Machine factory controller has set good, without any adjustments.

      2 to be a booster pump, water cycle system, and is equipped with valves to control the flow of circulating water.Due to different water temperature bring cooling effect to control water flow to regulate the temperature of a machine to run.(machine run the best temperature in 80 ℃ or so)

      3, before the computer, it is necessary to check whether the water cycle is normal, have you have scale jams.Start the pump, after telling the outlet of the water, both to start the air compressor.

      Four, installation of compressed air piping

      1, compressed air piping pressure drop shall not exceed 5% of the nominal air compressor exhaust pressure, so the compressed air tube had better choose large pipe diameter, pipe should be few tube bending, the valve to reduce as much as possible.

      2, compressed air pipe should be 10 to 20 degrees slope, to help eliminate the pipe of the condensate (pipe shall have the drain screw).

      Several common compressed air compressor unit 3, the main line, between each compressor stage and main line shall be set check valve.

      4, air compressor and air tank should be set up between the check valve.

      5, after the air compressor unit if you have the equipment such as air tank, dryer, air compressor unit should be even propane tanks first, then connect dryer.

      Five, the condition of power supply

      1, the distribution of air compressor units, must confirm the power supply voltage is correct, appropriate power cord diameter.Power line voltage should be stable and in accordance with relevant provisions.

      2, three-phase ac motor works, if there is voltage drop, shall not be higher than the rated voltage of the voltage drop of 5%.

      3, the erection of the grounding wire should be really of motor, to prevent the risk caused by leakage.- from mobile air compressor in this paperwww.xesjx.comnet

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