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    China’s Largest air compressor manufacture according to ASME standard
    Release time:2015/9/21  Browse the number:3487   Source:不详

    Shanghai Xinran compressor Co.,Ltd undertake Australian diesel portable compressor sucessfully ended 

    As the China’s largest air compressor manufacturer & largest export company in China ---Shanghai Xinran Compressor Co., Ltd recently had a big order of 200 pieces diesel portable screw type air compressor export to Australia in accordance with European ASME standard. This is the biggest order of high volumn small diesel mobile air compressor & large screw air compressor recently Xinran intake,it is also China's largest air compressor export order. This batch of air compressor is mainly used in the municipal, mining, road construction and hole drilling rig.

    Xinran screw air compressor
    Xinran series portable screw air compressor adopts the control system which is in line with the Chinese end user's usage habit, with intuitive display panel & more convenient operation. Stable, reliable, low failure rate, low fuel consumption, easy maintenance. Its a classic appearance design of Xinran products,key components are all imported, it has excellent performance. It has all the characteristics of the Xinran portable air compressor who has design patent of appearance.
    1.Xinran portable air compressor has reliable performance, less compressor spare parts, no wearing parts, so it runs reliably, long life, overhaul interval up to 4~8 million hours;
    2, Xinran diesel portable air compressor is easy to operate and maintenance,  high degree of automation, the operator doesn’t need long time professional training, can realize operation without human;
    3,Xinran diesel portable air compressor has good power balance: no unbalanced inertia force, can be smoothly high-speed operation, can be achieved without fundamental operation, especially suitable for use as a portable compressor, small volume, light weight, less cover area.
    4, Xinran diesel portable air compressor has strong adaptability, with the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the volume of the flow is almost free from the influence of  outlet  pressure, in a wide range of speed can be maintained high efficiency.
    Shanghai Xinran Compressor Co., Ltd is not only one of the largest domestic air compressor manufacturers, but also the largest domestic production and sell enterprise of screw type air compressor , as well as China's largest air compressor export enterprise. Production and sales scope has been far ahead of other domestic screw air compressor companies, which is also including the Multi-National Corporation 
    The main products of Shanghai Xinran Compressor Co., Ltd are piston type high pressure air compressor, screw type air compressor, diesel portable air compressor, oil free air compressor, centrifugal compressor, permanent magnetic air compressor, refrigeration dryer, adsorption type dryer, gas storage tank, filter, etc.. Among them, the screw type air compressor product power range from 7.5kW to 630kW, the variety covers the motor power screw air compressor, diesel power screw air compressor, underground explosion-proof screw air compressor and two compression screw air compressor, who is one of the most complete professional manufacturing companies in China. 
    Shanghai Xinran Compressor Co.,Ltd’s products products distribution network throughout China’s provinces and regions, with more than 200 marketing network, with high quality sales service. In the United States, Russia, Brazil, Iran, Australia etc, Xinran has 6 overseas sales companies,  products were sold to more than 40 countries and regions in the world. Xinran compressor is looking forward to all domestic and foreign air compressor dealers to join!

    For more details, please visit: http://www.xesjx.com or http://www.xinrangroup.org 

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