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    Product name:   Xinran DTH Drill
    The product model:   Xinran DTH Drill
    Update time:   2018-12-12
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    Letter but the production of caterpillar DTH drilling rig, water well drilling rig, drill at stem has met or exceeded the domestic advanced level, the essence of the DTH drill, is in the process of drilling to dive into the hole of the impact device, to reduce the transfer due to the drill rod impact energy loss caused by work, thereby reducing holes deep effect on the drilling efficiency. DTH drill rig is widely used in coal mine, gold mine, geological exploration, metallurgy, mining, building materials, railway, water and electricity construction, national defense construction and other fields. Shanghai xin ran development, the production of various series of high performance, economical DTH drill, with advanced processing equipment, has a certain machinery manufacturing strength. In summarizes the ten years experience in mechanical processing, welding, assembling, based on the letter but after many years of hard work has successfully developed the high, medium and low pressure DTH drilling rig equipment, and sell well both at home and abroad. Letter rig key components are imported, with reliable quality assurance. Fully adapt to the geological characteristics, when into the field of construction, drilling rig tow air compressor, flexible, strong climbing ability, suitable for the work in rugged, easy moving.

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