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    Product name:   Diesel moving screw compressor
    The product model:   Diesel moving screw compressor
    Update time:   2018-12-12
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    Contact telephone number:   0516-89220321,18621809999
     产品详细介绍  Product details

    Letter however diesel mobile screw air compressor to subvert the traditional design concept, using the most avant-garde, the most advanced technology to produce the best air compressor at present time.

    Letter but mobile air compressor features: low noise, low fuel consumption, gas is fast, small volume, etc.

    Product features:

    1, the machine efficiency, stable and reliable, simple operation, running status be clear at a glance.

    Diesel engine power with high reliability, long life and the best fuel economy.

    Adopt scientific sound-absorbing and shock absorption technology, ensure the machine to run low noise,

    Humanized automatic alarm and shutdown protection function, to ensure the safe operation of the machine

    Reasonable cooling system design to ensure that the machine has good high and low temperature performance

    Concise and easy design concept, make the maintenance, the maintenance more convenient

    Product design can meet up to 4500 mm above sea level, the temperature up to 55 ℃, extreme environment of the oxygen content is only 55%.

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