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    Product name:   Xinran surface DTH Drill
    The product model:   Xinran surface DTH Drill
    Update time:   2018-12-12
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    Contact telephone number:   0516-89220321,18621809999
     产品详细介绍  Product details

    Shanghai xin ran compressor co., LTD., on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology, have been designed in accordance with the international characteristics of open-pit mine of DTH use and quarry. Railway. Roads, water and electricity, open-pit mines and building engineering of deep rock hole in the welding rod drilling operations.

    Believe it but DTH drill rig and air compressor, after impact is system, drilling horizontal, vertical, inclined blasting holes, such as a bearing prespliting and anchor rope (rod) hole.

    Strong power head

    1, adopting the combination of planetary gear reducer and cycloid motor concentration head smooth pass understand, torque

    2, a special buffer can effectively reduce the impact when drilling tool on the impact of the power head, prolong the service life of the power head

    3, power head run with roller guide and smooth operation, easy maintenance, effectively reduce the wear of guide rail

    Security and stability of the walking mechanism

    1, jumbo site off the ground clearance is big, jumbo has superior obstacle ability

    2, hydraulic transmission device to jumbo to provide a strong driving force, to ensure that the drill rig is enough traction and climbing ability

    3, the appropriate width of track shoe effectively reduces the caterpillar earth pressure, jumbo on soft or muddy road has better capacity.

    Stable and reliable propulsion

    1, worm gear and worm reducer and cycloid motor vehicle propulsion

    2, the worm gear and worm reducer strong ratio to ensure the jumbo has enough propulsion and lift

    3, self-locking performance of worm gear and worm gear reducer can ensure drill ascension can stop at any position

    The operation of the centralized control system

    1, jumbo has reliable hydraulic control system, all actions centralized control, convenient and simple

    2, the dashboard can run indicators of effective monitoring of diesel engine, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of diesel engine

    3, the special hydraulic system can ensure the jumbo in transitions or special circumstances car walking fast

    4, can be adjusted at any time according to different working condition and rock velocity, ensure the stable and efficient drilling jumbo

    5, rapidly increasing function can effectively shorten the auxiliary time, improve work efficiency

    Reliable power matching

    1, use the supercharged diesel engine provides powerful motivation for jumbo

    2, humanized design safe way to make maintenance of power units, maintenance more convenient, fast

    3, the outer garment of dynamics, beautiful shape and maximize the guarantee the safety of diesel engine intake

    4, cover the top lighting to ensure that the jumbo homework or safe walking at night

    Product features:

    Security and stability of the walking mechanism

    Centralized control of operating mechanism

    Convenient maintenance of the hydraulic pump group

    Safe and reliable structure of rubber hose

    Strong propulsion

    Slewing mechanism

    Flexible drill arm operation

    Advanced dust collection device

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