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    Product name:   Letter however well drill rig
    The product model:   Letter however well drill rig
    Update time:   2018-12-12
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    Letter however water well drilling rig is a new type, efficient, multi-function hydraulic impactor water well drilling rig, it is mainly used for drilling Wells, monitoring well bore, geothermal air conditioning, water and electricity cofferdam grouting, foundation reinforcement grouting hole, open-pit mining, anchoring, national defense engineering, etc all kinds of deep hole drilling process, drilling rig with DTH impact casing follow up drilling process, and protecting effectively solve the technical problems of loose bed not easily into a hole. Equipped with high power hydraulic motor rotation, advancing and improve oil cylinder, high air pressure DTH impacter, drilling footage of low efficiency and high consumption.

    Letter for water well drilling rig has the advanced structure, easy to use, short auxiliary time etc, can be used in a variety of formation on the compressed air DTH drilling, drilling rig drilling frame of lifting, drill pipe, rotary discharge and feed. Leg, lifting, walking, etc all actions by the hydraulic system implementation, greatly reduces the labor intensity, improve the quality of the small wheels and engineering construction. Faith likelihood water well drilling rig and then mobile air compressor to cooperate, can more effective construction.

    Back to the corner

    Rotary and installed on the slider, oil cylinder lateral automatic translation. By a manual reversing valve control lotus rotary hydraulic motor drive, can realize two rotary box output two gears rotate speed and torque, so that the drill with different conditions.

    Hydraulic leg

    Big trip hydraulic leg do not need lifting equipment used in drilling rig transportation loading and unloading, seton hall handling; Hydraulic leg coordinate direction level to realize fast leveling drilling rig.

    Screw the centralizer

    Screw centering guide is divided into two parts, the lateral part adopts the hinge pin, usable hand unscrew, can provide the broad space for homework over the orifice, equipped with dust cover, ensure the work environment clean.

    Work station

    All control functions are concentrated in the console, object operation, improve the work efficiency.

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