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    Product name:   Xinran integral surface DTH Drill
    The product model:   Xinran integral surface DTH Drill
    Update time:   2018-12-12
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    Contact telephone number:   0516-89220321,18621809999
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    Letter, wins (jiangsu) co., LTD., the DTH drill rig and letter however air compressor perfect combination, develop a new letter but monolithic open-air DTH drill rig. More energy conservation and environmental protection, reliability, convenience is greatly increased. Suitable for open-pit mines, quarries, highway, railway, water conservancy, electric power, building stone, such as engineering, deep hole arbor drilling operations.

    This type of drill dealership, propulsion, rotation and Angle adjustment adopts hydraulic drive, power strong. With high wind pressure screw head and high wind pressure pneumatic impact, high drilling efficiency; Equipped with hydraulic dry dust collector to collect dust, reduce pollution to the environment; And remove the drill pipe and drill pipe libraries, equipped with hydraulic manipulator floating joint protection, drill pipe thread, one can remove the drill pipe; Air conditioning cab provide comfortable working environment and automatic control valve preventing reduce rate of drill. Jumbo wholeness, high degree of automation, good effect of drilling, environmental protection and energy saving, convenient operation, flexible, road safety, etc.

    Security and stability of the walking mechanism

    1, imported from walking motor, climbing ability

    Double speed walking system, walking quickly save mobile time

    Crawler frame floating 15 °, suitable for rugged site construction

    Standard engineering machinery crawler, box structure crawler frame, strong and durable

    Is a maintenance free roller without oil

    Add crawler plate, prevent fall off track

    Rotary engine, the slider

    1, rotary torque, loose bed not sticking, pore forming rate is high

    2, as well as the planetary gear reducer, simple structure, easy maintenance and durable

    3, imported seals, sealing good, long service life

    4, molecular lining board, wear-resisting, no need to oil lubrication, more convenient

    5, manganese steel rail and strong frame, guide without any abrasion

    The flexible drill arm system

    Function of multi-angle drill arm, drilled wide Angle range

    Level of drilling hole, hole Angle and lateral Angle before and after

    Centralized operation platform,

    1, original installation import valve operation, more reliable performance

    2, centralized operation platform, easy to rig the operation control

    Rapid advance and improve operation, reduce the auxiliary time, improve efficiency

    Propulsion is adjustable, need to adjust according to drilling

    Advanced dust collection device

    1, adopt hydraulic cyclone layer of dust

    2, more efficient, more environmentally friendly

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