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    Product name:   Piston type air compressor
    The product model:   Piston type air compressor
    Update time:   2018-12-12
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    Screw medium voltage system is to screw compressor compressed air through the booster secondary compression, make the whole system of outlet pressure of 4.0 Mpa. Reliable without oil. Anhydrous compressed air for bottle blowing drying also is very important, in the way international screw medium voltage system has been very popular, this way of technology relative to other institutions of medium voltage system is more simple, gas supply performance is more reliable, more convenient use and maintenance of significant technical advantage.

    Screw the characteristics of medium voltage system

    Low noise. Gas supply stable performance: screw machine itself high stability, low noise, and the link is completely closed pipe of the booster more embodied in the system running and low noise, stable performance.

    The integration of the integrated system idea: the whole system set screw air compressor, booster compressor, air storage and air purification system integrating various functions, and USES the device prizing, rational layout, to save space, make the equipment installation configuration flexibility.

    Reliable without oil, without water and compressed air. The system has the function of air purification after dealing with the system of compressed air residual oil quantity is 0.001 PPM or less, the water content of atmospheric dew point - 23 ℃

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