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    Product name:   The natural gas compressor
    The product model:   The natural gas compressor
    Update time:   2018-12-12
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    Natural gas reserves in more space below under rock formation in a gap, main composition is methane. Natural gas can be used to generate power; Natural gas are the best raw material of the manufacture of nitrogen fertilizer; And a large number of used as living fuel; Compressed natural gas car oil can be substituted.

    The company developed gas press, models have Z series, V, W, L series, P series and D series; Lubrication method divided into oil lubrication and oil free two forms, oil-free lubrication used in high purity gas compression.

    Natural gas compressor is mainly suitable for:

    (a) chemical production process only and the gas pipeline. Used as a chemical process gas compressors, large displacement, exhaust pressure line to a lower, inlet pressure can be 0-0.5 Mpa, exhaust pressure can be 0.2-20 Mpa, displacement can be 20-20000 nm after/h, compressed series for grade 1 to grade 4.

    (2) filling gas cylinder and tank lorry. Filling with natural gas compressor intake pressure can be 0 = 0.5 Mpa, exhaust pressure May 15 to 35 Mpa, displacement can be 20-20000 nm after/h, compressed series for 1-5, exhaust temperature 40 ℃ or less.

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