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    Product name:   Frequency conversion screw type air compressor
    The product model:   Frequency conversion screw type air compressor
    Update time:   2021/1/25
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    The unit features

    Air pressure stable, more energy efficient, no impact on the start, low noise, auto dormancy, reduce mechanical abrasion, the life span of motor to reduce operating costs and improve the pressure control precision, improve the productivity

    E low voltage micro screw air compressor oil

    In order to reduce your production cost, at the same time, in order to reduce carbon emissions, protect our green home, we designed specifically for your industry made the nominal exhaust pressure of 5 bar energy-saving series of low pressure screw air compressor.

    If you only need to 5 bar of the compressed air equipment, energy-saving series of our 4 bar low pressure screw compressor is the best choice for you.

    Whether you are a new investment, or replace the existing exhaust pressure for 7-8 bar machine of screw compressors, our low pressure screw will save electricity above 35% for you, you can save electricity bills will allow you to withdraw the investment in one years time.

    In order to meet your requirements, 4 bar of the exhaust pressure efficient letter however XINRAN series screw compressor host is specially designed for you, at the same time we also specially designed for you to can the large oil cylinder and oil filter to ensure that the fuel consumption in 2 PPM.

    Choose energy-saving series low pressure screw compressor, you can choose the world first-class screw compressor, chose the low oil consumption, low noise, host, five years warranty and high reliability, more important is to choose the save at least 35% of the electricity.

    Thank you protect our green home, thank you and we contribute to save China.

    Advanced design concept

    Letter however experts carefully designed screw air compressor, gather the compressed air system for hundreds of years of experience in research and development manufacturing and application, design a more efficient, more cost-effective products.

    A wide range of applications

    Low voltage micro oil screw air compressor has been widely used in: cement, building materials, chemical fiber. Glass blowing, fermentation industries need compressed air pressure is 3.5-4 bar.

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