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    Product name:   Water lubricating oil free screw compressor
    The product model:   Water lubricating oil free screw compressor
    Update time:   2021/1/25
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    Contact telephone number:   0516-89220321,18621809999
     产品详细介绍  Product details

    Letter however oil-free screw compressor from design to manufacturing, energy saving, everywhere to show our team clean. The pursuit of environmental protection.

    Out of the water lubrication to the host shell without corrosion, from stainless steel screw to silicon carbide sliding bearing never rust, from the high efficiency air filter to the precision lubrication water filter, we ensure that all XR parts all belong to job design without oil, we never believe that: professional casting quality, quality molded the future!

    The structural design of oil free

    Due to the screw on the compression process, the whole host of lubrication, sealing and cooling by water, as a result, letter is oil-free compressed in the true sense.

    The host shell of stainless steel, stainless steel rotor, wear-resisting calcium carbide sliding bearing without oil, the design of the above parts service life of 25 years, as a result, absolute oil-free compressed volume of absolute oil free compressed air.

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