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    Product name:   Medium voltage inverter screw compressor
    The product model:   Medium voltage inverter screw compressor
    Update time:   2021/1/25
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    Letter but medium voltage frequency conversion air compressor is letter of the companys patented products. Letter however company developed the latest machine is 10 cubic cubic / 40 kg / 30 kg and 10 and 20 cubic / 30 kg and 20 cubic / 40 kg double screw medium pressure air compressor. Letter but double screw compression is solved by using the medium pressure air compressor in the process of water cant get rid of, result in oil/water mixture. Eventually head killed phenomenon, but the birth of pore pressure in the screw machine, can for the bottle blowing machine industry, testing industry, military industrial enterprises, such as water and electricity industry to provide more stable than the medium pressure piston air compressor, higher compression ratio of the gas.

    XR booster series:

    Displacement: 5 - after 20 m/min exhaust pressure: 16-40 bar motor power: 30-132 kw

    XR series screw air compressor

    Displacement: 5-23.8 m after/min exhaust pressure: 16-30 bar motor power: 37-220 - kw

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