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    Product name:   Xinran centrifugal compressor
    The product model:   Xinran centrifugal compressor
    Update time:   2018-10-21
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    Contact telephone number:   0516-89220321,18621809999
     产品详细介绍  Product details

    XINRAN is based on advanced aircraft engine technology, continuously to guide the innovation of air compressor.

    Adhering to the letter but XINRAN decades of aircraft and industrial engines of cutting-edge technology.

    Letter however XINRAN centrifugal compressor performance is beyond compare, handy operation, world-class technology,

    High efficiency and energy saving, good maintainability, concise and nearly perfect parts, friendly control interface.

    The letter, of course, technology development guide

    High efficiency and energy saving

    Efficient aerodynamic design of inlet flow back blade for standard delivery, efficient heat exchange intercooler, high efficiency of the impeller design, curved impeller, after partial load can still keep efficient, minimizing the number of loading unloading, fin radiator pipe heat exchanger, high cooling efficiency, low pressure loss, water go tube side (dc), the shell side of the gas go, reduce maintenance cost.

    Good maintainability

    Horizontal component type gear box, easy to maintenance bearings, gears, sealing components and rotor, intercooler water tube side, the downtime to the shortest, repair without dismantling pipeline internal components, screw tail cone pin positioning method, easy to assemble and reset, go water tube side (dc) type intercooler, easy to wash the inspection and maintenance.

    Concise, nearly perfect parts

    High speed stable running bearing. Vibration, make sure to, make earthquake and good cooling effect. Air seal, oil seal, atmospheric interval gentle ChongQi seal, a significant reduction in cost and maintenance cost.

    Quality assurance system

    Reliable quality assurance system ISO9001f with aerospace and military standards, or wide recognition and praise of ISO9001 quality assurance system, and CE mark. KT, IR52 youngsil award.

    For user friendly control interface

    Automatic control system, the realization of safe, trouble-free operation, the integrated monitoring and control of multiple machines, the control system has the self-diagnosis function, system self-check nuclear reaction is rapid, easy monitoring of large screen touch screen, simple maintenance.

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