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    Product name:   XRs series of centrifugal compressor
    The product model:   XRs series of centrifugal compressor
    Update time:   2021/1/25
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    Letter however XR series sliding-vane compressors on the host unchanged on the basis of the simplified design, reduce the cost of the machine, improve the cost performance of the equipment, the whole structure of open mode, repair and maintenance more convenient, simple control panel, lets people use device for the first time also can know how to operate.

    Low maintenance cost

    Maintenance operation is just according to the predetermined good oil change interval clean or replace the air filter and clean the radiator. Oil core replaced every 8000-10000 work hours, greatly saves the cost.

    Plenum automatic control

    The entrance of the servo valve according to the maximum flow design reduces the unnecessary pressure loss. Such as compressor load, air suction valve will open completely. As demand is reduced, the internal pressure increases, the servo valve gradually close the inlet valve, so as to adjust the actual gas production, to meet customers changing needs. To ensure that customers can simply use the energy needed to complete the work, and wont cause unnecessary waste, can realize power consumption and the exact match between the air amount, thus reduce energy cost and save money.

    Integrated compression unit

    Compactness is letter but one of the main characteristics of compressor, the oil chamber and separator, check valve and servo valve, vacuum valve and oil filter is integrated in the compressor.

    The control panel

    Control panel is simple and practical, simple operation, automatic/continuous operation mode choice, both Chinese and English two languages to choose from, reserve a remote control interface, which can realize the remote control.

    The energy consumption

    Due to the compressor design very carefully, after every m/min displacement of energy consumption is the lowest in the similar products, make its economy to adapt the installation requirements.

    Air quality

    The unique tertiary oil separation system ensure the maximum amount of residual oil in the air below 1.5 P.P.M. In addition, equipped with heat exchanger can ensure that compressed air temperature is higher than the room temperature value is less than 5 or 10 degrees

    Straight league

    This is achieved by elastic coupling between point and compressor, thus dont need a belt, it does not need to like gear or ball bearing need maintenance.


    This is achieved by the elastic coupling between motor and compressor, thus dont need a belt. It does not need to like gear or ball bearing need maintenance

    Fan power

    Main motor colleagues drive compressor and cooling fan (general type air compressor cooler with another independent motor drive, increases power consumption and fault opportunities).


    The compressor can be under ordinary conditions of 24 hours a day. 12 months each year to run, but the compressor can be run more than 0, 100 hours.

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